Burial Services

Dignity in death

Learn about burial spaces and service options and pricing in your community cemetery in Bozeman, Montana. Green burial services are available.

Burial Spaces

Space for caskets or urns to be interred. Available for purchase in advance or at time of need.

Burial Interment

Services to be interred in a ground burial space or in the columbarium at time of death.

Find a Grave

Get assistance in locating precisely a grave in any of the sections of Sunset Memorial Gardens cemetery.

We’re from out of state. My grandmother bought funeral plots a long time ago. My mom passed away before she had a chance to give us the information we needed. It’s one of those things that nobody had looked at for decades. Without Scott at Sunset Memorial Gardens, we never would have figured it out. Your extra effort was the reason we were able to plan the burial. We would have never been able to do it without your help. It was amazing.
Wylie Shaffer

Chicago, IL

Burial Spaces

Burial spaces can be purchased in advance. Deeds are provided. You can also purchase at time of need.

Burial Space

Visit us to select from our available ‘green spaces’ a 40″ x 96″ plot that can accommodate one full casket or up to four cremation urns to be placed in a concete vault at time of burial.


Columbarium Space

Intended for those who wish to store cremation urns in a classic, permanent structure above ground. Each space can accommodate two urns. 


Burial Interment Services

Burial services to be interred are available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 2 pm. For Saturday burials between 9 am to 2 pm there is an additional fee of $300.  No Sunday interments. All services must be concluded by 3 pm.

Traditional Full Casket Burial

Includes opening and closing, concrete vault, tent (weather permitting), and service set up.


Cremation Burial Services

Includes opening and closing, vault, and service set up. 


Green Burial Services

Includes opening and closing and service set up. There is intentionally no vault for environmental reasons.


Columbarium Interment

Includes opening and closing and service set up. 


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